Makeup Remover Wipes May Be Convenient… But Are They Bad For Your Skin?


For those who dread the thought of taking a few extra minutes before bed to carefully wash off all of the makeup and grime from the day (aka: us), makeup remover wipes can seem More...

Can singing a lullaby ease a child’s pain?


Amid the beeping of heart monitors, a more gentle noise can be heard on the wards of Great Ormond Street Hospital. The soft voice of musician Nick Pickett and the strumming More...

Pomegranates can protect the heart from a high cholesterol diet by ‘strengthening the arteries’


  A supplement made from the fruit helps keep blood vessels healthy In doing so, it reduces the chance of heart attacks and strokes Pomegranate plant chemicals, called More...

Wedding ring-959244

1 in 3 women remove their wedding ring to avoid damaging work prospects

  A study has revealed that many women prefer to appear single in certain situations – and the main reason is fear of damaging future employment. For many women it More...

Happiest country to be old is Sweden, survey finds

  Sweden is best country in the world in which to grow old, a new survey reveals today, closely followed by Norway and Germany, with Britain trailing behind in 13th place. In More...

This new fertility test can warn women if they’re running out of eggs


These days, many women are hoping to have children later in life, but this brings with it the looming pressure of waning More...

Here’s how the way you’re born could affect your brain development


Whether babies are born naturally or via caesarean section could have a lasting effect on how their brains develop, More...

61504559 ‘My son said I was too fat to be seen with him’: Brutal remarks spur 17st mother into losing SEVEN stone – and now she’s a fitness instructor

Lee-Ann Dixon from Worcestershire was upset by son’s words She joined Slimming World and set up...

Water 3.jpg Rumour has it Adele’s been on a diet… Singer looks slimmer as she posts online picture to mark charity event

The Oscar-winning singer cuts a much slimmer figure in the online photos She previously said she...

article-new-thumbnail-ehow-images-a05-ih-u6-lose-belly-fat-cure-diet-800x800-525x347 You Won’t Lose Any Weight Unless You Make Over Your Mind First

Everyone knows how to lose weight. All you have to do is eat less and exercise...

Clues to Alzheimer’s Found in Babies’ Brains


People who are genetically predisposed to Alzheimer’s disease may have differences in their brains that More...

New hope in Alzheimer’s treatment

DRUGS for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease before it even develops are being tested on patients for the first time. Scientists..

Alzheimer’s cure is close: Experts hail new drug breakthrough

A CURE for Alzheimer’s is moving closer with trials of breakthrough drugs that could halt the crippling effects of the disease...

Young mother with hair loss after battling leukaemia twice is denied £2,000 hair replacement therapy on the NHS


Samantha Green, 29, was first diagnosed with the disease in 2005 She relapsed in 2010 and was developed alopecia More...

‘We couldn’t understand why we’d been taken to the cancer ward’: Parents’ heartbreak as two-year-old daughter’s ‘cold’ turns out to be leukaemia

Jessica Holmes was taken to A&E when her cold failed to improve She was given antibiotics for a chest infection and..

Parents’ heartbreak as four-year-old daughter diagnosed with leukaemia dies just 11 DAYS later

  Alexia McArthur was diagnosed with leukaemia after turning ‘yellowish’ She had chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant but died last..

Mesothelioma: Causes and Symptoms

mesothelioma-cancer-treatment   Mesothelioma is cancer of the mesothelium, a protective membrane that lines most of the body’s internal organs. About two-thirds of cases of mesothelioma..

Russian billionaire gives away $3m bonus to staff

  Mr Deripaska has an estimated wealth of $8.5bn (£5.5bn) Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska has declined a bonus for 2012 and..

Gamer’s Thrombosis: How Playing Too Long Could Be Deadly

A young man in New Zealand developed life-threatening blood clots in his leg after four days of playing PlayStation games, according..

Impossibly Light, Totally Sleek Handmade Bikes Built by a Tokyo Shipwright

Sueshiro Sano, a ninth-generation shipwright, makes lightweight, bespoke wooden bicycles in his Tokyo workshop. His bikes, which take three  months to assemble..