Sat, Oct 19th, 2013

Beauty blogger battling cancer attracts over 100,000 readers with her tips on staying glamorous through chemo

  • Laura Cannon, 23, was diagnosed with breast cancer last year
  • Endured months of toxic medication and a double mastectomy
  • Started online guide on how to stay beautiful during chemo
  • Explained different ways the disease and chemotherapy affected her looks
  • Now clear of cancer and has started five weeks of radiotherapy
  • Plans to write novel based on experience

When she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 22, Laura Cannon wasn’t just determined to beat the disease. She was going to beat it in style.

So began her inspiring blog about ‘chemo chic’, in which she cheerfully tells her devoted readers how bright red shoes mean ‘no one cares about the bald head’, and offers tips on how to distract from a ‘deathly pale’ post-chemotherapy complexion.

In the online diary, called Laura Louise and her Naughty Disease, Miss Cannon unflinchingly documented her course of chemotherapy, her decision to shave off her hair and her recovery from a double mastectomy.

But she also wrote about how to attach false eyelashes once hers had fallen out, and the importance of moisturising, because ‘you don’t want wrinkles on top of everything else’.

With typical humour she nicknamed her tumour ‘Kenneth’, and detailed ‘operation kick Kenneth out’.

The blog is illustrated with photographs of her experiments with make-up and wigs, and even shows the moment she shaved off the last of her hair.

Writing about life after her first few bouts of chemotherapy, Miss Cannon said she still wanted to look healthy and stylish, despite the drugs causing her nails to turn black and her hair to fall out.

She wrote: ‘My biggest hurdle has been that having no hair makes me look more unwell.

‘However, I don’t want to look like a poorly person when I go out for lunch or to see friends! So I’ve been working on my chemo chic.’ And once her hair began to grow back, she wrote: ‘It is pretty difficult to feel feminine with hair this short. I actually turned a little diva-ish the other day and rocked it out with some pretty mega accessories.

‘I have also been busy thanking the Universe muchly for Beyonce, Rihanna, Jessie J and their new short hair do’s.

‘Maybe people will now just think I’m bang on trend with my hairstyle and did it through choice. That’s what I’m hoping anyway. For once in my life maybe I’ll be one of the cool kids?!’

Laura having her head shaved before her treatment. The fashion devotee decided to add a touch of glamour to her ordeal and started an online guide on how to stay beautiful during the treatment

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