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Becoming a BODYBUILDER helped me walk again: Mother, 28, beats crippling spinal condition to walk down the aisle

  • Lisa Bradley has a condition which causes cysts to grow in her spinal cord
  • It left her in excruciating pain and requiring 24-hour-a-day care
  • When she got engaged she decided to try and improve her health by going to the gym – starting with tiny weights she gradually built up her strength
  • She says she is no longer in pain and was able to walk down the aisle
  • In just six months, she also shed 10 dress sizes and has now entered her first bodybuilding competition

A wheelchair-bound woman has managed to walk down the aisle unaided after beating a crippling spinal disease – by becoming a bodybuilder.

Lisa Bradley, 28, could barely lift herself out of bed and needed 24-hour care after she was diagnosed with a rare condition which causes cysts to develop in the spinal cord.

But when a series of operations and daily cocktail of drugs failed to ease her constant pain she decided on a completely new approach and struggled to the gym.

The mother-of-three worked with a personal trainer and began lifting tiny weights but was soon pulling off squats, bench presses and bicep curls as her symptoms eased.

In just six months she shed a staggering 10 dress sizes – as her growing strength combated her illness.

And to the delight of her family she proudly walked down the aisle on the arm of her father, Pat, as she married her partner, Derry Bradley, 34, in December last year.

Mrs Bradley said: ‘It was amazing to be able to walk down the aisle – I nearly ran it.

‘I had no pain whatsoever and felt so confident. My GP is completely amazed and can’t believe the difference in me.

‘My condition got so severe, it would hurt if I sneezed or moved my toes. I needed assistance for everything, even moving in bed.

‘I’ve gone from needing 24-hour care and being pushed in a wheelchair to training twice a day six times a week.

‘I no longer have any pain and have come off my medication – and it’s all down to pumping iron.’

Mrs Bradley, who is mother to Brannan, 10, Olan, three, and Allayna, two, was diagnosed with syringomyelia in 2009 after suffering years of chronic back pain and shaking in her legs.

The rare disease causes cysts to grow in the spinal cord – these can eventually damage it and leave the sufferer paralysed.

She decided to try the bodybuilding approach after agreeing to marry Mr Bradley – and now intends to keep up her training for life because it’s the only thing keeping her condition at bay.

In fact, she’s so proud of her new muscles she’s entering a bodybuilding show next year.

Ms Bradley, who lives in Cork, Ireland, said: ‘I have no intention of giving up, I want to continue working with my personal trainer and break even more barriers.

‘I feel like it’s saved my life. I can do everything I want with my kids and am able to get the most out of life.

‘I was determined not to let my children grow up watching me in pain and unable to move.’

Mrs Bradley sought help from top personal trainer Joe Binley, who specialises in training bodybuilders on how to eat healthily and get into shape for contests.

Joe, based in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, said: ‘Lisa is one of the most dedicated people I’ve dealt with.

‘She has a deep rooted determination to succeed. In a scenario when most would quit Lisa has chosen to fight.’

source: www.dailymail.co.uk

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