Young mother with hair loss after battling leukaemia twice is denied £2,000 hair replacement therapy on the NHS


Samantha Green, 29, was first diagnosed with the disease in 2005 She relapsed in 2010 and was developed alopecia after being treated with super-strength steroids, which caused her to have thin and patchy hair Says a hair replacement treatment called Intralace would restore confidence But local body that advises on NHS spending says her case ‘not More...

December 3rd, 2013
November 27th, 2013

‘We couldn’t understand why we’d been taken to the cancer ward’: Parents’ heartbreak as two-year-old daughter’s ‘cold’ turns out to be leukaemia

Jessica Holmes was taken to A&E when her cold failed to improve She was given antibiotics for a chest infection and was sent home Her parents took her back to the hospital when her condition deteriorated After More...

October 25th, 2013

Parents’ heartbreak as four-year-old daughter diagnosed with leukaemia dies just 11 DAYS later

  Alexia McArthur was diagnosed with leukaemia after turning ‘yellowish’ She had chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant but died last week Her parents made the decision to switch off her life More...

October 13th, 2013

‘An angel on earth’: Rihanna and President Obama pay tribute to six-year-old who lost her battle against leukemia

  Rihanna and President Obama have paid tribute to six-year-old Jasmina Anema, who has lost her battle with leukemia. Jasmina’s story had touched people throughout the world, who joined a campaign to More...

October 13th, 2013

Selfless college athlete who retired so he can donate his bone marrow has two liters removed for unknown leukemia patient

  University of New Hampshire athlete Cameron Lyle donated bone marrow to a stranger suffering leukemia who had ‘six months to live’ Surgery means he’ll have to miss the final two meets More...

October 13th, 2013

‘She was stoned out of her mind’: Father’s battle as mother gives seven-year-old daughter with leukemia medical marijuana to combat chemotherapy – equivalent to 10 joints a day

  A seven-year-old girl suffering from leukemia is one of Oregon’s youngest medical marijuana patients, with a daily dosage administered by her mother that is the equivalent of smoking up to 10 joints More...