Sat, Oct 19th, 2013

Fitbit Force Is the Smartest Fitness Tracker Yet


The Fitbit Force has only been on the market for about a week, and it’s already making all other fitness wearables look out of date. 

The Force, which is available via Fitbit.com for $129.95 and will hit the store shelves of Best Buy and Target in the coming weeks, is part watch and part fitness tracker (and even part smart watch), displaying everything from the time to fitness stats directly on its OLED display. The wearer can access fitness info by touching a button on the left side of the display; data is shown for a few seconds before disappearing.

The Force is the first-ever wristband fitness tracker to feature an OLED display and although it may sound like a small advancement, its inclusion is a huge addition. Other trackers such as Withings already include an OLED display, but this is the first wristband fitness tracker to do so. An OLED screen doesn’t drain the battery as quickly as an LCD. And with the display, users no longer have to refer to an app to check their stats since most of what they want to know can be found right on the tracker. But there’s still an app that provides a deeper look at how you’re doing.

With so much competition on the market from Nike, Jawbone and more, that in itself makes the Force stand out more than any other fitness tracker. There’s a lot to love beyond the display too. But it’s not perfect, especially when it comes to design and style. Here’s a look at the beautiful, the ugly and where its biggest potential resides.

What the Force Gets Right

It might not be a stunner on the outside, but there’s so much to love about the Force. In addition to the OLED display — which displays crisp, easy-to-read data — it has a lot of wristband fitness tracker firsts, including an altimeter. This monitors how many stairs you climb on a hike or just throughout the day. What was most striking about this addition is learning how few steps I climb each day — seeing that dismal number is a constant reminder to take the stairs instead of opting for the elevator. In fact, that is what wristband trackers do best: they continually remind you to stay more active. And now with the display revealing how well you’re doing with a touch of a button, instead of having to load an app, the Force gets fitness more in your head than ever before.

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