Mon, Mar 24th, 2014

Mother who was told to abort her child after being diagnosed with cancer gambles on life-saving operation and gives birth to a healthy daughter

  • After finding she was pregnant, Mullineux was diagnosed with cancer
  • She was told that she had to abort the baby and have tumors removed
  • She decided to wait and had surgery while her baby was still in the womb
  • Her daughter Nancie has been successfully born and her cancer is gone

Proudly holding her newborn daughter Nancie, Diane Mullineux understands more than most people how precious life can be.

Because just days after finding out she was pregnant, the hairdresser was given the devastating news that she had developed cervical cancer.

Her only hope was to abort the baby if she wanted to survive, doctors said.

But desperate to keep the child, Miss Mullineux, 30, gambled on a second opinion – and was offered a pioneering operation to remove the tumour while the baby was in the womb.

‘One minute we were so happy at the thought of the baby, then suddenly I was faced with a life-threatening condition,’ Miss Mullineux said.

Fortunately the surgery was a success, and after an anxious few months she gave birth to her daughter Nancie four weeks ago.

Immediately afterwards, she underwent a full hysterectomy and medics say she is now clear of the disease.

Last night she said she was still having to pinch herself to realise that both she and her daughter had made it.

‘It hasn’t really sunk in yet,’ she said. ‘Nancie really is very special, our little miracle.’ 

Miss Mullineux and her partner Nicky Dures, 37, who live in Moreton, Wirral, were delighted when they discovered that they were having their first child together in August last year.

But just days later, Miss Mullineux, who has two children from a previous relationship, was told she had grade two cervical cancer – and was advised to terminate the pregnancy.

However consultant surgeon Jonathan Herod, of Liverpool Women’s Hospital, gave the couple hope by suggesting world-first surgery could save both mother and baby.

The procedure to remove the tumour and most of her cervix went ahead when Miss Mullineux was 11 weeks pregnant. Nancie was then delivered by caesarean at 33 weeks.

She weighed in at 4lb 9oz.

‘I just feel so lucky that she’s here and I’m recovering,’ Miss Mullineux said. 

The couple are encouraging people to donate to Cancer Research UK.

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