Tue, Mar 11th, 2014

This one’s going to be trouble! Unborn baby shocks expectant parents when scan shows it making rude one-finger gesture

  • Foetus snapped yawning, shadow boxing and giving X-factor-style salute
  • Parents concerned their child will become a ‘hell raiser’

If you thought babies only turned terrible at two, think again.

Anne-Marie and Ben Roland’s unborn baby is already proving a handful after it was caught making a rude one-finger gesture during a routine ultrasound scan.

The cheeky foetus shocked its expectant parents, from St John’s Wood, in north London, when it was captured raising its middle digit halfway through 25-year-old Anne-Marie’s 28 week scan.

The mother-to-be said:’I was completely stunned when the baby stuck its middle finger up at us.’

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Anne Marie and Ben Ronald’s baby scan which showed their unborn baby makiing a rude one-finger gesture. The foetus was also captured yawning, crossing its arms in an X Factor shape and shadow boxing

Medics captured this image as the sonographer tried to move the foetus’ hand to get a clearer shot of its face, causing Anne-Marie Ronald and husband Ben, 29, to burst out laughing

The couple said the amazing picture stunned medics from the Baby Scan Clinic on Harley Street, who said they have never seen swearing from a baby like that before.

Rail project workerAnne-Marie and gas fitter Ben also spotted the unborn baby yawning, crossing its arms like the X Factor and even appearing to throw left hooks like it was shadow boxing.

Ben and Anne-Marie Roland had the 3D scan taken at a clinic in Harley Street, London

‘The sonographer had been trying to move it to get a clear view the face,’ said Anne-Marie.

‘Then we just saw this middle finger flash up it was if the baby was annoyed with the sonographer for being disturbed.

‘It was actually hilarious we all just started cracking up.

‘I’m actually a little bit worried now. We think he or she might grow up to be a real hell raiser.

‘My husband is convinced it is going to be a rock star with a real attitude.

‘I was hipping for an easy relaxed child but I am not so sure I will get that now.

‘We don’t know the sex but we think it is going to be a boy with that sort of attitude.

‘It seems too rude to be a girl it certainly was not lady like behaviour.’

Anne-Marie and Ben went for the 3D scan, which they paid for privately at 28 weeks, on November 12, after they struggled to see their baby during its 20-week scan, provided by the NHS.

Practice Manager at the Baby Scan Clinic, Ben Poultney, said: ‘The baby in question is by far the most active that we have seen from 12 months worth of scans.

‘Babies depending on their position will generally undertake minimal movement during the scans.

‘However in this instance the baby was not so content with remaining static.

‘In fact as the images show there are several different positions and facial expressions in which the baby decided to show us, including the infamous ‘middle finger’ image.

Scan: Anne-Marie and Ben Ronald with a copy of the cheeky 3D image taken by medics at a private hospital

‘I am over the moon with these images.

‘Not only does 3D technology allow us to see detailed facial features of babies in the womb, it also gives us a window with which to view how the baby is feeling at that particular time.

‘In this case, baby was simply advising us politely that now was not a good time.’

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