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Tragedy of mother, 41, who died from breast cancer just two MONTHS after giving birth to her second child

  • Mair Wallroth died just weeks after giving birth to her son Merlin
  • Had been diagnosed with with breast cancer in 22nd week of pregnancy
  • Found a lump in her breast and originally thought was a blocked milk duct
  • Had chemotherapy while pregnant and gave birth to son last September
  • But her condition continued to deteriorate as cancer had spread to brain
  • She died in a hospice when he was 10 weeks old, leaving behind her three-year-old daughter Martha and husband Pete, 33
  • He has now set up charity to provide support for families affected by cancer 

A father-of-two has spoken about the devastating loss of his wife after she developed breast cancer while pregnant.

Mair Wallroth, 41, died just two months after giving birth to her son Merlin, after the cancer in her breast spread to her brain.

Her widower Pete, 33, has now set up a charity to commemorate his late wife and help other parents who find themselves in a similarly desperate situation when expecting a child.

‘Mair was an inspiration to me,’ said Pete, who met his late wife in 2002. ‘The first time I met her I was blown away by her gorgeous smile and positive, fun-loving nature.’

Five years later they married and had their first child, Martha, now three. 

‘In January 2012 we were thrilled when we discovered Mair was pregnant again with a baby boy.’

The pregnancy was going smoothly until 22 weeks when Mair, from Hadfield, Manchester, found a lump in her left breast.

At first, she thought it could possibly be a blocked milk duct, and part of the pregnancy.

But in the middle of June, she received the devastating news that the lump was actually a 6.5cm cancerous tumour in her left breast.

‘I knew something was wrong because she rang me within 20 minutes of her appointment beginning,’ recalls Pete.

‘She already had an indication it was serious. Her mother and father had suffered from breast cancer, as had her two sisters.

‘Terminating the baby wasn’t an option so two weeks later, Mair began chemotherapy – we were told that there is no evidence that a child will be harmed late into pregnancy.’

Mair had four sessions before Merlin was born on 24th September. ‘Doctors would hook her up to the baby monitor so she could listen to the baby’s heartbeat while having chemo.

‘Mair decided to shave off her glossy brown hair and we told Martha that she was poorly and as her hair would’ve fallen out she didn’t want to make a mess.

‘Every morning, Martha pretended to be a scarf shop lady, helping Mair choose what to wear on her bald head.’

Yet despite being sick and tired from the chemotherapy, Mair was upbeat, smiling just hours before delivering their son, Merlin, weighing a healthy 7lb 1oz three weeks early in September last year.

This time, unlike with Martha, Mair couldn’t breastfeed because she had to start chemotherapy just a week after the birth.

Instead, Merlin was given donated milk from a milk bank.

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